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Thank you for your interest in GoVeho and for using us. We are sorry you are having trouble using the site! Please send us a message with your question(s) or issue and we will assist you ASAP. As we grow and learn of the issues our users commonly come across, we will update this help page/FAQ and other helpful tools. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for depending on GoVeho to connect you with other users to share rides!



What is GoVeho?

GoVeho is THE website site for carpooling. It is the fastest and easiest way yet to share a ride. The site joins people together so they can share rides with one another in several unique ways - users may post a ride; users may ask for a ride; and users may search for rides or other users in their area.


Do I have to pay to belong?

No! GoVeho is absolutely free.


How do I find a ride?

Simply click on "Find a Ride" from your Dashboard panel and enter your search criteria. You may search by departure and destination, and limit the search by date. You may also search for users and message them through the site if no one has posted a ride you like.


I cannot find a ride, what am I doing wrong?

Nothing. Sometimes, users have not posted a ride that you want. You have a few options:

(1) you could post a request for a ride; or
(2) you could search for users and message ones nearby that share similar preferences.

Also, because we are new, there might not be enough users in your area. If that is the case, we ask and encourage you to spread the word as far and wide as you can - the more users, the better the site works.


How do I know that I can trust my fellow carpoolers?

We hope that you take the time to review our safety guidelines and use prudence when sharing a ride. We encourage our users to get to know each other before they get into the car with one another: you may check their Facebook page, Google them, and speak with them on the phone. We also instruct users to make sure that the vehicle they are getting into is registered and insured, and that the driver is licensed. You should ask to see your driver's documents.


How do we work out paying for gas, tolls, etc?

The beauty of GoVeho is that our users control this themselves. Each group can come up with their own rules and requirements. GoVeho does not require any payment and does not request a cut of any payment that may or may not be worked out by its users.


What if I don't have a car, can I still use the site?

Absolutely. This site was made for you as well.


How do I rate a fellow user?

Once a ride is completed, you will receive an email from us asking you to rate your fellow carpoolers. If you participated in a ride that was not posted and you would like to rate the other driver, please contact us here and we will forward you a link. Rating users is a very important part of the site, it will help build a trusted community!


I am having a problem with a fellow user, what do I do?

Please contact us immediately here. If you are on the road and there is a problem, please contact 911 immediately.


I love the site, how do I invite my friends and co-workers to join?

Simply click on the Invite a Friend on the home page and enter his/her email address.


I am just looking for a ride to the store, how can GoVeho help me find a ride?

There are two ways GoVeho can help you find that ride to the store. One, you could post a request to the store and wait for another user to see the request and join as a driver. Or two, you could search for users in your area and message the ones that are nearby and have expressed a preference to use the site for daily trips and/or shopping.


Who are the discounts for and how do they work?

The discounts are for our registered users. So, while non-users can see the different deals being offered, they cannot take advantage of them unless they are registered and logged in. The deals are simple - users fill up a ride, they get the deal advertised. Because you have taken the initiative to help save the environment, reduce traffic, etc. we thought you deserved a reward. So, GoVeho has partnered with many local and national businesses to offer discounts and deals on their products and services. (We are always adding more and updating the deals, so check them often). Most deals require our users to put together a "Full" ride in order to qualify. A "Full" ride differs for each deal, so please make sure to read each one carefully. Once a Ride has filled up, each member of the group will receive an email with the deal attached.

Simple and a fun bonus to carpooling!


I never use my University issued email account, why do I have to register with it?

During this introductory beta release of GoVeho, using your University issued email address will automatically add you to the University's GoVeho group. As a member of this group, you will see a list of other users at your school and will be able to message them directly to set up rides!







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