• Gas savings. By taking one car, you can eliminate you and your passengers' gas usage. If you carpool with three people total, you are only using gas in one car, rather than three. That gas adds up, and if more and more people choose to carpool, we can really conserve our gasoline and oil usage.

• Shared expenses. Not only do you save gas, but that also causes savings for gas. If one person is driving, you can split the cost of gas between the passengers. If there are three people and the monthly fuel cost to get to work is $100 per person, that would mean $300 for gas if they did not carpool. If you chose to carpool, you can pay the $100 for one person, and then split that in three equal parts, meaning you would pay $33 instead of $100. This is a huge savings that you can then use for bills, food or leisure.

• Lower emissions/Save the Planet Carpooling can have great effects on the environment. The more cars that are on the road, the more toxic emissions that are released into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, are released from the exhaust and cause the so-called greenhouse effect. This is believed by some to be a cause of global warming and has been a big problem over the past 100 years. It also creates poorer air quality. For example, there are constant smog alerts in cities like Los Angeles, and even international cities like Beijing.

• Carpool lanes. Many states have carpool laws, and part of these laws is the creation of carpool lanes. On busy highways, the carpool lane is a benefit for those with a certain amount of people in the car. A carpool lane is a special lane, normally on the left, out of the traffic, which you can travel freely and usually with smooth sailing. You can beat the traffic, save gas and get to work in normal time instead of sitting in traffic, wasting gas and possibly being late for work.

• Less stress. This is the one of the less obvious benefits of carpooling. By sharing the driving between the carpool participants, you can lower your stress levels by not having to drive. Driving can be very stressful when you constantly sit in traffic or deal with other motorists who are driving recklessly. On the days when you don't need to drive, you can relax, read the paper and just take it easy while you drive to work.