About The Service

Hello, and THANK YOU for visiting GoVeho.com - a brand-new, FREE site that puts public transportation directly in the hands of the public. The Service is designed so that users can tap into an enormous database of carpoolers to find and arrange for rides themselves, without having to rely on anyone else or good fortune.


Carpooling is an old idea, but finding people to share a ride has always been a problem. The Service aims to connect would-be carpoolers together by expanding their options and providing the largest database of carpoolers possible. Before GoVeho, the search for rides was cumbersome and hit-or-miss. College students might post rides/requests on a corkboard in their dorms and student centers in the hopes that someone might contact them; commuters might call 800 numbers or even stand on the side of the road praying for a ride. Because of The Service, this search to share rides works now!


The carpool service was developed to save our community time and money. We anticipate that by providing a functional carpooling program our users and corporate sponsors will save money on gas, automotive upkeep, tolls and other transportation costs. We are also optimistic that increased carpooling through The Service will reduce overall traffic, leaving our users with more time and less stress and anxiety in their lives. GoVeho's developers also wanted to contribute to a cleaner, greener planet. The more people that the carpooling service brings together to share rides, the less carbon is being poured into our atmosphere by our vehicles-so tell your friends about us, like us on Facebook, Tweet about us, and spread the word to everyone!


Lastly, GoVeho was designed with flexibility, giving our users opportunities to come up with their own uses of the site so that the opportunities are limited only by our imaginations.


Again, thank you for visiting this novel site. We hope that you use it frequently and find it continuously helpful in whatever use you put it to. Please write and let us know how the site has helped you and how we can improve.

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