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GoVeho - Carpool and Ride Share | Save Money | Save on Gas Prices


Looking for ways to save money, conserve energy, reduce gas prices, help the economy, and help the environment?

Tired of commuting alone?
Tired of overcrowded public transportation?
Need a ride, but can't find one?

Well, you've come to the perfect place!

WELCOME to Carpooling's First and Only Social Network -- GoVeho.com

GoVeho is designed to link drivers and passengers together to share a car like never before. With gas prices continually increasing and putting pressure on our wallets, we need more options to save money. Carpooling is one of those options! While the concept is not new, finding people to share a ride has always been a problem. GoVeho aims to connect would-be carpoolers together by expanding their options. Before GoVeho, the search for rides was cumbersome and hit-or-miss. Now, because of GoVeho, this search to share rides works!

GoVeho features include: a searchable user database; a searchable database of offered rides and requested rides; functionality to post ride offers and/or requests; complete details of a ride--departure, destination, date & time, occupancy, and driving preferences--even maps; annonyous user names and a ratings system for security; and many more!

The benefits of registering with GoVeho are endless: save money on gas, automotive upkeep, tolls, and other transportation costs; reduce gas prices and reduce traffic, help the economy; help the environment; make friends...... and much more!

Now that you know what the site does, take advantage and register for FREE! Use it for FREE! Stop asking how can I save money! Stop asking how can I make money! Eliminate your stress and anxiety caused by traffic and commuting alone! Join GoVeho right now and find a ride!

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